The Levi’s x Pokémon Collection Looks Perfect For Cosplaying & A Casual Day Out

source: Nintendo

Pokémon was probably one of the biggest things that came out from the 90s, an iconic lovable character that started with video games and spanned across television, films and other mediums ’til today, beloved by both kids and adults.

The release of Pokémon GO, the mobile game even started a global trend. I mean, who didn’t want to join Ash, Misty, Pikachu and gang to go out and become trainers?

To celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary and its fantastical world, Levi’s is releasing a colourful, 90s-inspired Levi’s x Pokémon collection.

Inspired by the first season of Pokémon the animated series, the collection includes a range of denim, tops, bottoms, fleece, tees, accessories and more that feature characters and throwbacks from the series.

Check them out below:

Levi’s also included a trucker cap similar to the one Ash wears, and a Misty Tank and Misty Short that resembles her outfit from the series – fit for a casual day out and cosplaying!

The Levi’s x Pokémon collection is available for pre-order via on 10 February 2021 before it hits Levi’s store nationwide on 15 February 2021.