This Cute IKEA x LEGO Storage Box Set Makes It Fun To Keep Your Home Tidy

source: Ikea Malaysia

Last year, IKEA revealed their collaboration with LEGO called ‘BYGGLEK’ – which is essentially a set of boxes.

The ‘BYGGLEK’ is a series of storage solutions that come in different sizes – three small-sized boxes (RM69.90), a medium-sized box (RM69.90), a large-sized box (RM79.90) and a set of 201-piece Lego bricks (RM79.90).

The boxes have Lego studs on the front and on the lids, where you can stick actual Lego on them.

While it might look a bit plain to adults, these sets are supposed to give kids a little fun while storing their belongings.

source: Ikea Malaysia

For the launch in Malaysia, IKEA Malaysia said in a post that each customer can only purchase two pieces each.

The first 100 customers per store will also get a free City Police Helicopter set with any purchase from the ‘BYGGLEK’ collection.

source: Ikea Malaysia

It’s expected that the sets will be sold out fast based on its release in Singapore where Lego fans were queuing up at stores early in the morning. People also bought multiple boxes although there’s a limit of three boxes per customer, and was sold out days before it could go online.

It will be officially released in Malaysia on 12 March and online on 18 March 2021.

Learn more about the ‘BYGGLEK’ collection and if you’re planning to get them in person, make sure to stay safe!