VIDEO: Meet The Made-in-Malaysia Guitars Crafted From High-Quality Wood That Won’t Break Your Bank

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source: HILCS Guitar on Facebook

Being stuck at home has encouraged many Malaysians to pick up new hobbies or reenergise old ones.

With the amount of free time on our hands when we’re not sitting by the window, yearning to leave our houses, we tend to fill up that space with gaming, gardening, refurnishing or even playing musical instruments.

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source: HILCS Guitar on Facebook

Thankfully, for those with the musical bug, there is a Malaysian-made brand that is selling high quality guitars for a decent price.

Enter HILCS Guitar, a brand that builds your dream guitar according to the tone and design that you want. Unlike The Rolling Stones, you can get that satisfaction!

The Standard Series of the HILCS Guitar is made of several different high-quality components. The body is made of poplar wood which is pop’lar (sorry) in modern guitars and they retail for RM1,450 and come with a gig bag.

The neck is made of maple and you can choose between maple and rosewood fretboards, and a classic white cream finish or a spunky green.

In case you are apprehensive about the quality of these guitars, HILCS is very transparent with how they perform.

Posting numerous covers and videos on their Facebook page, the proof is in the plucking because the videos feature close-ups and clear audio of their guitars’ sound quality.

If you’re not into guitars but you dabble in other string instruments, don’t worry they also make Sapetars that look and sound just as sick.

Other than standard guitars, HILCS also showcases a plethora of different designs and materials, even the Malaysian wood Curly Acacia Mangium. Here it is in all of its glory…

If these guitars pique your interest, don’t be shy, you can just drop a message or comment on HILCS and they will gladly entertain your inquiries.

Just from scrolling, I got the feeling that HILCS has a tight-knit community of guitar enthusiasts who are happy to help you out and chat endlessly about the tones and twangs of each unique guitar.

Whether or not you’re already a pro or you’re looking to start out, HILCS has got your back.

To chat with them, follow them here.

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