Neighbours Thought This SG Man Was Growing Marijuana With LED Lights

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(source: Mothership SG)

What better location for your discreet cannabis gardening operation than by the hallway of a flat in clear sight of all your neighbours? Luckily, that’s just half the truth to this story.

According to Mothership SG, neighbours in an HDB flat in Singapore mistakenly thought a man was growing marijuana along the corridor of their flat and reported it to the police.

The man in question is a 35-year-old teacher who just had a hobby of… you guessed it, gardening.

He stated that the police had come knocking on his door after his neighbours mistook his okra plants (lady’s fingers) for cannabis plants.

The man’s okra plant (source: Zao Bao)

It is also believed that the LED lights, which are often used for growing marijuana as well, contributed to the misunderstanding. He explained that he used LED lights to improve the growth of the plants, which are not exposed to direct sunlight. LED lighting is a common method used to assist indoor gardening of any kind.

He stated that this would all not be a problem if his neighbours would have just ask him directly about the plants. The teacher said that he didn’t expect the LED lights to cause a whole scenario.

How an actual cannabis plant setup would look like (source: Mothership SG)

He had also recently moved from Tampines to this flat around Ang Mo Kio Street 51 earlier in March 2020, so maybe that’s why the neighbours were a bit suspicious too.

Though more countries in the world have started decriminalising the medical and recreational use of cannabis, Singapore (like Malaysia and most parts of Asia) still categorises cannabis as an illegal substance with harsh penalties for trafficking and/or production of the plant.

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