PAS Lodges Police Report Against Fahmi Reza For His Satirical Spotify Playlist ‘This is #DengkiKe’

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Fahmi Reza, Malaysia - Awards 2017 Arts nominee - YouTube
source: Index on Censorship

Fahmi Reza has been keeping busy with his satirical political artwork and has landed himself into another controversial situation with his latest piece which is an interactive Spotify playlist titled ‘This Is #DengkiKe’, the trending hashtag that arose in response to Queen Tengku Azizah’s recent reply to a comment on Instagram.


Twitter users started using the hashtag #DengkiKe after the Queen replied to a comment on her post where a user probed her about her chefs’ vaccinations. According to a report in The Vibes, the user asked if chefs at the palace have been vaccinated, after the queen posted several photos of dishes prepared by her and the kitchen crew, to which Tunku Azizah replied: “Dengki ke? (Are you jealous?).”

The Queen’s Instagram was deactivated momentarily before being online again with a post that implied that she knew about the comments being made towards her, but that the public didn’t know the full truth.


Catching on the controversy, Fahmi created a Spotify playlist where users can like the playlist and share it, titling it ‘This Is #DengkiKe’. The playlist made use of the Queen’s picture and included songs that had the word ‘Jealous’ in their titles. It was censored and removed numerous times but Fahmi kept trying to reupload the playlist and even appealed to Spotify Malaysia on social media.

He even resorted to this.

Yesterday (April 22), the artist received word that a police report had been made against him, probing for an investigation towards his satirical work on royalty.

The report was lodged by Pasir Mas MP Ahmad Fadhli bin Shaari where he accused the artist of insulting the royal institution with his latest artwork. He also accused Fahmi of defending his “rude behaviour” behind the veneer of “art.”

Fahmi replied by saying he will not delete the playlist and he stands by his decision to uphold freedom of speech in Malaysia.

He even posted several new artworks for good measure, this time taking a jab at Parti Agama Islam (PAS), which Fadhli is a member of.

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