Graphic-Activist Fahmi Reza Summoned by Police Over Two Social Media Postings

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(source: New Naratif/Fahmi Reza’s FB)

Graphic artist and activist, Fahmi Reza has always raised eyebrows with his artwork locally and internationally.

Although this isn’t his first time dealing with the police, Fahmi revealed today (9 March) that he has been summoned to Putrajaya’s police station. Specifically, he has been called to be questioned tomorrow at 11am over two social media postings.

In a Facebook post, Fahmi said he wasn’t informed which of his postings had led to the investigation under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998.

“Based on the dates under the ‘report numbers’ in this notice, likely it refers to a post/graphic in February 2021, and another one from October last year. I will update after I am done meeting with the police tomorrow,” he added.

According to the notice issued under Section 111 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the two police reports against Fahmi’s postings were lodged on 15 Feb and 4 Oct.

ICYMI, Fahmi had shared various original graphics that questioned alleged double standards in the government’s Covid-19 prevention procedures throughout the past year.

Early this year, Fahmi targeted Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin following the latter’s official visit to Jakarta on 5 Feb, and a subsequent announcement from Health Minister Dr Adham Baba exempting cabinet members from undergoing the mandatory 10-day quarantine upon their return.

(source: Fahmi Reza’s FB)

Several of his posts last October, on the other hand, targeted ministers for their poor handling of Covid-19 procedures.

After sharing the notice given by the police, he reshared his guide on what to do if others are being questioned by Section 223 which he dubbed #AktaSakitHati on Twitter. Take a look:

In the past, Fahmi’s signature (ex-PM) Najib Razak-clown face design had landed him in jail for one month, though he was later acquitted of sedition charges. Many Malaysians have been supporting Fahmi by subscribing to his Patreon, here.