Fahmi Reza’s Custom Vans is Making Everyone Feel Seditious for Wanting it

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(source: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund)

Vans is making waves with it’s latest Vans Custom Culture Asia 2018, where anyone can submit their own designs imprinted onto the classic Vans Slip-Op. You just upload it, and then be contested among other participants and the designer with the most votes will be the winner.

Punk-activist Fahmi Reza (@kuasasiswa) is one of the contestants in the competition and apparently, his design is making a buzz on social media for the familiar visuals he imprinted on the shoes.

(source: The Vocket)

Fahmi’s infamous #KitaSemuaPenghasut (We’re all seditious) featuring a caricature of Najib as a clown is all but familiar. The design has been adapted into enamel pins, phone wallpapers and of course, his murals around town. The iconic clown makeup on Najib’s face is apparent on the front of the shoe with an additional image of Najib (that looks like Batman’s nemesis Two Face) on the heel, while the midsoles boldly embrace the ‘Kita Semua Penghasut’ sentiment.

The contest is still running and it appears Reza is getting the most votes not just in Malaysia, but the whole Asia.

Although the submission period for the competition is over, you can still vote for your favourite design here or jump to Fahmi Reza’s design here.

What do you guys think? New Malaysia, new kicks? Jyeah…

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