The Story Behind Fahmi Reza’s Artwork That Shows DG Noor Hisham’s Head in a Toilet & How Netizens Reacted

(source: New Naratif // @kuasasiswa Twitter)

Artist-activist Fahmi Reza’s work has always raised eyebrows for questioning authority and the figures behind it. His work has always been controversial and his signature (ex-PM) Najib Razak-clown face design even landed Fahmi in jail for one month in the past though he was later acquitted of sedition charges.

This time around, the graphic artist has once again made Malaysians conflicted after he posted an artwork which depicts Health Director-General, Dr Noor Hisham’s head in a toilet with the word ‘SOP’ in a trash can. The graphic also included the words “Please use the toilet”, which referred to Hisham’s tweet on 24 October.

The first graphic (left) was uploaded on 24 October, the second graphic (right) was uploaded on 26 October (source: @kuasasiswa Twitter)

In case you missed it, the tweet which led Hisham to say that allegedly started when a Twitter-user questioned why the meeting regarding the darurat issue between the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and PM Muhyiddin Yassin which happened last weekend, did not follow the proper SOPs.

Hisham was tagged in the now-deleted tweet which was then replied by another Twitter-user, starting a conversation which then led to Hisham’s reply.

Take a look:

Ever since the DG tweeted that, some netizens agreed with his statement while some think that DG needs to stop policing the rakyat and instead stop the double-standard regarding SOPs between minister and netizens. Some even came up with the theory that DG was actually shading the ministers and the tweet was sarcastic.

Check it out:

Meanwhile, as for Fahmi’s take on the DG’s tweet – the artist has obviously been met with many hate and threats regarding the picture, as usual. He responded sarcastically with this tweet:

(source: Twitter @kuasasiswa)

While many netizens were unsatisfied with Fahmi’s creation stating that it’s disrespectful as the DG has been working hard to help Malaysians flatten the Covid-19 curve (click here to see the comments on FB condemning Fahmi), many have also backed him up: