NGO Offers RM2,000 Reward For Information on Man Who Shot Dog in Viral Video

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(Source: Berita Harian and Today’s Veterinary practice )

There have been many cases of animal abuse in the past few months this year, starting with a kitten who that set ablaze in a park, to a stray dog that was painted to resemble a tiger. Now, netizens on social media are once again going berserk due to a viral video on Twitter of a man in a sarong who had a shot a dog outside his yard with a gun. It could not be confirmed if the man used an actual gun or an air-gun.

Although the man’s identity is currently unknown, the Malaysian Animal Association is offering RM2,000 to anyone who has information on the culprit.

The president of the organisation, Arie Dwi Andika stated that the only source of information they have right now is the viral video itself but with the help of the public, the perpetrator can be caught faster. He urges not just the general public but also friends, family and neighbours of the man video to come forward.

(Source: Pexels )

Apart from the Malaysian Animal Association, the Association of Abandoned Animals Malaysia are also in search of the identity of this man. The president, R Kalaivanan also stresses that they do not have any concrete information and the incident is still under investigation.

(Source: Deseret News)

He also assures individuals who want to come forward that their identities will be kept secret. He states that once the perpetrator is caught, a maximum fine of RM100,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 3 years can be imposed under the Animal Welfare Act 2015 Section 30.

The video of the man shooting the dog without remorse is heartbreaking to watch, as you can clearly hear the poor animal whelping for life. Many netizens are understandably furious about the inhumane act and expressed their views on social media.


If you have any information about this man, make sure to WhatsApp Hotline Animal Malaysia at 011-20901097 or contact the Association of Abandoned Animals Malaysia at 016-2662007 immediately.