M’sian YouTuber Helps Struggling Sambal Seller by Buying 3 Jars of Sambal for RM600

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(Source: @haizel90 at Twitter)

When we hear the phrase “Kita Jaga Kita”, the first thing that most of us would think of is to always wear a mask and keep social distancing ourselves, but it applies to more than that especially when it comes to helping individuals who have been badly affected by the movement control order and are trying to make ends meet.

Recently, stories of everyday-Malaysians helping each other have been surfacing online. From a Police Chief repaying the kindness of an aunty who belanja him pau during his youth to a random Malay man handing cash to a dog rescuer to Malaysian students baking cake for their elderly British neighbours, the list goes on… and now, we can add Malaysian YouTuber, Azfar Badrul‘s random act of kindness. The YouTuber bought 3 jars of sambal from a local sambal seller in Kuala Kangsar that was supposed to total RM34, but he gave the seller RM600 instead.

A clip of the original video which is on YouTube was shared by Twitter user @haizel90. It shows Azfar passing several RM50 notes to Azhar, the local sambal seller who is seen breaking down in tears and thanking the YouTuber.

A more in-depth backstory about Azhar revealed in YouTube, details his journey of selling sambal. Azhar shares that he had lost of his job and to stay afloat, he and his wife resorted to selling various types of sambal in jars in order to pay off his children’s education fees that have been delayed for months and to get money for treatment and medication for Azhar’s gastric-related illness.

The short one minute clip on Twitter has gained over 44.7k retweets and 44k likes, with many netizens, sharing their kind thoughts on the incident.

With over 500k YouTube subscribers, Azfar generates cash from his views and sponsorships, and donates them to people in need. This is not the first time he has helped others, there are several videos similar to this in his channel. We hope that he continues to lend a helping hand to those who are trying to get by during these trying times.