The ‘Pau’wer of Kindness: Police Chief Reunites With Aunty Who Gave Him Pau 30 Years Ago

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source: Petaling Jaya District Police (Facebook)

One act of kindness no matter how small goes a long way. It creates a chain reaction. No one really forgets when someone does something nice to them.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal remembers the aunty who used to bring him pau pandan when he was a boy 30 years ago.

When he was told by his parents the aunty was still alive, he paid the aunty a surprise visit along with a bag of pandan-flavoured pau.

The heartwarming story was shared on the Petaling Jaya district police’s official Facebook page last Wednesday.

“When I was a boy, she used to buy me pau. My parents worked around here and so did she. Whenever I followed them (my parents) to the office, she would bring me pau,” Nik Ezanee explained.

“Now that I can afford to buy my own pau, I will send some to her,” he said to the officer recording in the video.

source: Petaling Jaya District Police (Facebook)

In the video, while Nik Ezanee recalls his memory, Aunty Ah Siong appears. Even though it was three decades ago since they last met, she immediately recognises the “boy” in uniform and welcomes him into her house.

During the visit, he showed her some photos of his family on his phone and she went on to show him newspaper clippings that she collected of him over the years.

“She still remembers me. She reads about me in the Chinese media and keeps the news cuttings of me. That really surprised me,” he said, adding that the elderly community is near and dear to his heart.

source: Petaling Jaya District Police (Facebook)

He said many residents here are elderly, making them in the high-risk group for the COVID-19 virus. That is why he held a meeting with some old folks in the district two days ago.

“I wanted to remind them to be careful with strangers as the elderly are also easy targets,” he said.

After spending 20 minutes together, they both shared an embrace before parting ways. Nik Ezanee also promised to visit her again for tea (“yumcha”).

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