WATCH: M’sian Students Surprise Their Elderly British Neighbours With A Cake They Baked

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( Source : @nrnrdnaa at Twitter)

Living in a multicultural country like Malaysia gives us the opportunity to have neighbours of different backgrounds, ethnicities and religions. Thus, we should know everything about being good neighbours–from looking out for one another to respecting privacy and diversity.


Recently, Malaysian student, Irdiina, who studies in Birmingham, UK, caught the attention of netizens after posting a video on Twitter of her presenting a homemade birthday cake to her elderly neighbour, Patt who had turned 81.

In the video, the elderly couple – Pat and her husband Blon were really touched the surprise and fascinated with the little colourful flowers that Irdiina and her friend had added on the top of the cake.

(Source: @nrnrdnaa at Twitter)

Although Irdiina and her friend have known them for only a year, the elderly couple who have no children gradually grew a soft spot for students and cared for them.

Since Irdiina and her friend were set to move at the end of August due to their contract expiring, the cake was not just a birthday cake but also a symbol of appreciation and gratitude to the lovely couple.

Upon hearing the sad news, the couple were also in tears and gave the girls a farewell card with some money inside.

(Source :@nrnrdnaa at Twitter)

Patt and Blon already considered the girls as part of their family and told them, “Wherever you are in the world, you’ll always be prayed for.” The couple said the pair of Malaysian students have been the best set of neighbours they have ever had.