WATCH: New M’sian Girl Group Drops ‘Lantaklah’ For All The Girlbosses In Their World Domination Era


What gets you hyped to tackle the next task in your day?

For me, it’s coffee and the crippling fear that I might die tomorrow without doing anything significant in my life but for you, it could be this catchy new song!


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Malaysians are becoming familiar with the concept of local girl groups, as seen through our love for the DOLLA queens, so we’re excited to welcome the next upcoming girl group, XONE (pronounced so-en-ee).

They have been teasing their debut on social media for months now through their Instagram, but they finally released their debut single ‘Lantaklah’ on February 10.

Watch the music video below and try not to sing along to the catchy tune:


‘Lantaklah’, essentially translating to Whatever, is about overcoming your fears and believing that you’re a bad bitch that can do anything you set your mind to.

The music video is well directed and produced and their style is giving Pop Princess, courtesy of stylists Deanna and Deanni, who also dressed our indie darling, Lunadira for her COLORS episode.

Check out the girls dancing to their song below:

@xoxo.xone A gift for 25k youtube streams! 🖤 Thank you everyone xoxooo #XONELantaklah #xone #duo #malaysia ♬ LANTAKLAH – XONE

At the time of writing, their music video has amassed over 70k views and their TikTok has over 125k likes with 141 users recreating the dance to their song.

It’s safe to say, XONE is on their way to becoming the next big thing in Malaysia and we’re here for it!

To keep up with the girlies, follow them on Instagram and TikTok.