WATCH: Lunadira Becomes First M’sian To Perform on Music Platform, COLORS with ‘Go Slow’

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Introducing: Sad, groovy, or both? Malaysian singer-songwriter
source: Bandwagon Asia
She’s cute but she’s never boring!

For avid listeners of the local indie music scene, the name, Lunadira is anything but new.

Before becoming the well-loved artiste she is now, Lunadira was just another girl covering songs on social media.

Forever's Not Our Thing - Lunadira - YouTube

She received her big break into the scene when she released her first single, ‘Forever’s Not Our Thing’ which solidified her as a lover of romance and creator of lilting ballads to get us deep into our feels.

Since then, she has experimented with her sound and released numerous singles that prove her chameleon abilities.

But the thing that’s great about Lunadira is not only her sound and respect for her craft, but damn, the girl is also gorgeous, so it’s really not surprising (albeit still impressive) when she landed an episode on the famous music platform, COLORS.

COLORS aims to feature talented singers who might not have appeared on your radar and each artiste featured has their own unique sound and style.

As of today, Lunadira has become the first Malaysian to perform on the show. Watch her episode below:

In the episode, she performs her latest single, ‘Go Slow’ which showcases the singer’s soft and alluring vocals. But let’s not ignore that hard af outfit! No bias, but it might be one of the best outfits I’ve seen on the show thus far.

Naturally, with news like this, Malaysians are going feral in the comments with support and adoration.

Check out a few of the comments by netizens below…

I agree whole-heartedly.

This just goes to show that when we give our talents enough resources to grow, they will wow us with just how much they can flourish.

Congratulations Lunadira!

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