Bimbo Nation Stand Up! M’sian Starlet Lil Asian Thiccie is Entering Her Hyperpop Era with ‘Hole’

(source: @lilasianthiccie IG)

With the resurgence of everything Y2K, you can bet that bimbo culture is back and better than before. Grab your Juicy Couture tracksuits, butterfly clips and definitely feel your bubblegum-pop fantasy with this latest track by local rapper-singer, Lil Asian Thiccie.

While she has established a career and presence as a standout female rapper and hip-hop starlet that has spanned the last four years, this baddie is now introducing a new era of her music and identity.

With an all-new sound and direction, Lil Asian Thiccie is ready to evolve into the hyperpop superstar of her dreams and this starts with her latest raunchy and abrasive track, HOLE.

“HOLE is an homage to love, lust, and infatuation in a fast-approaching dystopian future. Doubling down on the hedonistic, material paradigms that seemingly characterise modernity, Lil Asian Thiccie and longtime collaborator, Bobbie (@bobbiethemenace), pull out all the stops weaving together a coarse tapestry of rib-tickling innuendo”, Tong-tong Asia explains.

With its booming drums, futuristic synths, and ambrosian vocals, the single perfectly sets the scene for the hyperpop-princess’ cultural deep dive into hyperconsumerism, technology, and idolatry.

You can listen to the track on all streaming platforms by clicking here, but if you want a peep at the lyrics – this video is for you:

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