M’sian Film, ‘Temenggor’, Shot in Perak’s Belum Forest Has Been Selected by Amazon Prime Video

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source: Twitter @amirizwanrahim

Malaysia has joined the Amazon Prime Video roster with new film, Temenggor: Curse of a Thousand Moons, produced by Feisk Productions.

In collaboration with acclaimed film production company Jazzy Pictures, which was behind Crossroads: One, Two, Jaga, this new film has a similar evocative style with suggestive and controversial themes such as Paganism and cannibalism.

source: Rojak daily

The film is told in mostly English and stars relatively unknown actors.

When it was first completed in 2017, the film did not see the light of day due to a lack of interest within local broadcasters. Now, the film has been picked up by major streaming service Amazon Prime Video and will even be available to viewers in the United States and United Kingdom. Director Feisal Azizuddin said,

“I’m thrilled that the film is now accessible to a wide audience. It has been a long journey producing my first feature film, but the knowledge I’ve gained from all the obstacles along the way has been invaluable. In hindsight, I do feel there were many things I would have done differently. Since the film was made years ago, I’ve improved as a filmmaker and could clearly point out the rookie mistakes I made. Despite this, I’m a firm believer that films to filmmakers are like a time capsule that reflect a time in your life and the journey to produce it,” 

source: Twitter @hurrsfei

Temenggor tells the tale of love, sacrifice and honour, set within the mystic jungles of Nusantara before the dawn of the 7th century. Enriched by the nuances of indigenous culture and rituals, the film showcases props such as weapons and shelter crafted by Orang Asli craftsmen themselves. It was even filmed in Belum, Perak, to make the viewing experience as close to reality as possible.

Check out the trailer below:

With a seemingly doomed romance and an impending curse plaguing the film, Temenggor appears to be our equivalent to a tale of star-crossed lovers, only with elements of Malaysian culture embedded into each moving frame.

It’s not everyday we get to see a cross between sci-fi and fantasy told within Nusantara jungles, so this will surely be an exciting watch!

To watch the film, click here.