Migos Wants To Be The Hyenas For The Lion King Remake

The recently announced cast for the Lion King remake is what they call “Black Excellence”. The ridiculously star-studded cast even got Migos – the hiphop rap trio – wanting to feel the love.

Quavo tweeted to Disney saying that Migos wants in on the action too but as the hyenas. Since the rap trio consist of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, they would perfectly fit the role of the three hyenas – Shenze, Banzai and Ed. All they would have to do is be the yes-men of Scar – the big pussy who killed Mufasa – and cackle whenever they plot an evil plan. This is extremely on-brand as the original voice actor of Banzai – Cheech Marin (of Cheech & Chong fame) – shares the same fondness of stuff that goes up in smoke, like Migos.


Even though this plan is super ideal, it seems like the three hyenas have already been cast *insert sad-smiley face here*. Apparently their names have been changed too. Florence Kasumba, Adult Swim’s Eric André, and Keegan-Michael Key will be voicing the parts of Shenzi, Azizi, and Kamari (instead of Banzai and Ed). The cast is perfect as it is, but I can’t help imagining Migos being a part of all this.

Since it’s a little too late for them to be selected, perhaps Migos should create an MV with the concept of them as the three hyenas. That’ll definitely be lit. Check out what fans have to say:


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