Chance the Rapper Makes His First Screen Appearance in the Trailer for Slice

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Remember this tweet Chance posted last year? Well, it’s finally coming into fruition and A24 (distributors of the critically acclaimed film Moonlight) has released another trailer of the upcoming horror film titled Slice.

Some fun facts about the film is that it was shot in secret during the summer of 2016, marking it as Chance’s feature film debut. While everything is still pretty low key, executives have revealed that the film will occur in an “supernatural alternate reality” that includes the presence of ghosts and werewolves. Chance himself will play Dax Lycander, a Chinese food delivery driver-turn-werewolf who ends up in a murder investigation.

(Source: Danielle Alston)

Described as a “murder mystery” by director Austin Vesely, who’s behind many of Chance’s music videos like ‘Angels‘ and ‘Everybody’s Something‘, the story “has these supernatural elements that people accept as reality,” hence the tone of surreal comedy. Vesely also told a source that Slice is inspired by Twin Peaks, watch the video below to get a taste of what’s to come: