Mat Kilau, Anwar Ibrahim, Wordle & Andrew Tate are in Malaysia’s Top Searches on Google This Year

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(source: Bloomberg)

As 2022 winds down, the usual year-end lists and related acts of reflection are thrust upon us. Among them is Google’s year-end rundown…

On Wednesday (7 Dec), the tech company rolled out the 2022 edition of its annual Year in Search collection of lists, which allows those interested in reflecting on the past 12 months to see the top trending searches across multiple categories and regions.

“Around the world, people sought to learn more about everything from complex global issues, to ways to help each other – not to mention the latest pop culture news,” said Simon Rogers, Google Trends’ Data Editor, according to Complex.

So, what were the top searches in Malaysia? Turns out, there’s a little bit of everything. From Mat Kilau, our new Prime Minister, Wordle, World Cup to even the infamous misogynist Andrew Tate (unfortunately).

Malaysians were keen to vote as ‘MySPR Semak’ is second on the list – also reflecting our recent record-breaking voter turnout at over 73%, according to the Election Commision (EC). And speaking of voting, Malaysia’s latest Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim came out at No.8 in Malaysia’s top searches and the No.1 personality search in the country too.

Meanwhile, the most searched movie on Google in the country goes to the infamous Mat Kilau. Phew… so many things to unpack here.

It’s all fun and games until we realised that a significant number of people in Malaysia searched for ‘Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia’. It’s a reality that many small businesses have collapsed and under-privileged communities are checking to see if they are eligible for the program as they pick themselves up after being locked in for two years.

(source: Google)

Scroll down to check out the full list of top trending searches on Google for Malaysia in 2022:

Top Trending Searches in Malaysia 2022: 
1) Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM)
2) MySPR Semak
3) World Cup 2022
4) Keputusan PRU-15
5) MyUndi
6) Wordle
7) Peranti Siswa
8) Anwar Ibrahim
9) Queen Elizabeth
10) Mental Age Test

Top Trending Local Personality Searches in Malaysia 2022: 
1) Anwar Ibrahim
2) Zalina Azman
3) Najib Razak
4) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
5) Azam Baki
6) Nik Adam Mika
7) Anna Jobling
8) Ustaz Fathi Na’im
9) Muhyiddin Yassin
10) Yasin Sulaiman

Top Trending International Personality Searches in Malaysia 2022:
1) Amber Heard
2) Johnny Depp
3) Will Smith
4) Kajol
5) Chris Rock
6) Rishi Sunak
7) Andrew Tate
8) Simon Leviev
9) Adam Levine
10) Casemiro

Top Trending Movie Searchers in Malaysia 2022: 
1) Mat Kilau
2) KKN di Desa Penari
3) Black Adam
4) Top Gun
5) Jurassic World
6) Doctor Strange
7) Thor: Love and Thunder
8) Emergency Declaration
9) Vikram
10) The Batman

Top Trending Drama Series Searches in Malaysia 2022: 
1) All of Us Are Dead
2) Melur Untuk Firdaus
3) Business Proposal
4) 7 Hari Mencintaiku 3
5) Big Mouth
6) 铁拳 英雄 (The Righteous Fists)
7) Extraordinary Attorney Woo
8) Bisik-Bisik Gelora
9) Snowdrop
10) Alchemy of Souls

Top Trending ‘In Memory Of’ Searches in Malaysia 2022: 
1) Queen Elizabeth
2) Adibah Noor
3) TangMo
4) Syazlin Zainal
5) Shinzo Abe
6) Aaron Carter
7) Samy Vellu
8) Kim Mi-soo
9) Technoblade
10) Betty White

Top Trending News Topics Searches in Malaysia 2022: 
1) Ukraine
2) Peninsular Malaysia floods
3) Perdana Menteri Malaysia
4) Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD)
5) Influenza
6) Cacar Monyet
7) ePemula
8) Bantuan Khas COVID-19 (BKC)
9) Symptom Omicron
10) PRN Johor

Top Trending Places Searches in Malaysia 2022: 
1) Genting Highlands
2) LaLaport
3) Pavilion Bukit Jalil
4) Cameron Highlands
5) Sunway Lagoon
6) IOI City Mall
7) Aquaria KLCC
8) Tropicana Gardens Mall
9) ESCAPE Penang
10) LEGOLAND Malaysia

Top Trending Sports Searches in Malaysia 2022: 
1) World Cup 2022
2) Thomas Cup 2022
3) Denmark Open 2022
4) Liga Super
5) Indian Premier League 2022
6) All England 2022
7) Indonesia Open 2022
8) Australian Open
9) SEA Games 2022
10) Commonwealth Games 2022

So, have you searched for any of these things this year?