Sikhs Group Raises Concerns Over Villainous Portrayal in Box-Office Movie, ‘Mat Kilau’

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(source: The Vibes / Malaysiakini)

The United Sikhs Malaysia have raised concerns over the local box-office hit Mat Kilau: Pahlawan Bangkit which the association claims to have depicted “controversial” and “distasteful” scenes about the Sikh community.

According to NST, the group noted that the film is fictional and based on a figure who fought against British imperialism in Pahang, seeking to show the spirit of the Malays in defending their homeland.

“However, regretfully it portrays members of other races and religions as villains… In particular, we note that turbaned-Sikhs who were British soldiers in the movie were portrayed to have laid hands on old folks, children, and helpless citizens,” the group said in a statement today (8 July).

“These parts were added by the producers to make a compelling storyline. But, the Sikh code of practice prohibits laying hands on old folks, children, women and helpless citizens even during war,” the group explained.

The group also said it found this portrayal of non-Malays and non-Muslims distasteful and hurtful to its community.

Take a look at their full statement, here: 


ICYMI, Mat Kilau: Pahlawan Bangkit directed by Syamsul Yusof which has so far earned RM53 million in 13 days is now the highest grossing Malaysian film of all time.

The film was a dramatised real story of Pahang warrior Mat Kilau, who fought against colonial British power during the late 19th century.