54 y/o Single Dad Retires White Flag After Receiving Aid From Community So Others Can Get Help Too

Source: NST

54-year-old Yaakob Montel took down a white school uniform he used as a flag to call for help after receiving tremendous aid from his community.

Speaking to NST, Yaakob said, “Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and individuals came forward to provide aid for my family. Alhamdulillah, I would like to thank everyone for their help.”

The single dad to children aged between nine and 17 years old raised the white flag to ask for essentials, especially food, so that his children will not go hungry.

Source: NST

Yaakob said they were running out on food supplies as he can no longer work as a self-employed lorry driver anymore due to the MCO 3.0 that started last month.

After receiving sufficient aid, he took down the flag so people are able to prioritise others.

“Most of us expected that the MCO would not last this long, but it did.

“Others might be crippled by lack of financial support, which led many to take their own lives.

“This is why I took down the flag so that those who want to help can assist others. We got all we need to feed my children and Alhamdulillah this is enough for us,” he said.