Mattel Is Adding The Original Proton Saga Model To Their Hot Wheels Collection

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source: The Star

Gearheads and figurine collectors rejoice! Hot Wheels manufacturer Mattel Inc. will be adding the original 1985 model of the legendary Proton Saga to their lineup of Hot Wheels toy cars.

Mattel Inc. and Malaysian carmaker Proton have teamed up to create a 1:64 scale replica of the 1985 Proton Saga, the nation’s first vehicle ever produced.


President and Chief Commercial Officer of Mattel Inc. Steve Totzke stated that the collaboration was to mark Mattel’s 40th anniversary operating in Malaysia.

“This is an exciting license partnership as we join to develop a Hot Wheels car, modelled after the original Proton Saga, the first model manufactured by Proton, which will now become a part of Hot Wheels’ singles collection.

“This license partnership aims to uphold the proud legacies of both Mattel and Proton to continue to provide high-quality vehicles to fans of all ages worldwide,” said Totzke Mattel Malaysia’s 40th anniversary celebration.


Totzke also pointed out how the Proton Saga was the first automobile produced by a Malaysian automaker and as such was essential to the expansion of Malaysia’s economy.

This latest offering from Hot Wheels is expected to hit stores worldwide by the end of 2023.

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