Corrupted at 16: Lucidrari’s Rising Star in the Malaysian Rap Scene

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Love rap and hip hop? If you do, go ahead and treat yourself by listening to rising Malaysian rapper, Lucidrari’s debut album, titled Corrupted at 16.

Corrupted at 16 is 10-track BANGER of an LP that will take you on a sonic journey through the lens of young, urban Malaysians, particularly those who grew up in big cities.

Lucidrari, or Riri for short, showcases his ability to create songs with a plethora of emotions and beats, most of which, if not all, were produced by fellow rapper/producer, FITTO, who makes an appearance on every track.

source: Spotify

Listeners are greeted with the first track appropriately titled ‘INTRO‘ featuring the one and only Self-Proclaimed Young Rapper No. 1, Fazz Ahmad, calling into the fictional radio station Slime T-Fm: home of “muzik ratchet terbaik” to give a shout out to his fans and Riri himself.

The energy picks up on the second track called ‘5 POPS‘ with a beat that’ll get your head bobbing immediately. Both Riri and FITTO flow effortlessly while dropping bars revolving around the number 5, which coincidentally is my favourite number.

Moreover, as someone who wears glasses, I appreciate them mentioning the same eyedrop brand I use in addition to American rapper, Pooh Shiesty, who I am a fan of (free him).

source: YouTube (ERA)

Following this is the song ‘CHECK!‘ which is a slapper. Lucidrari and fellow rappers Fuego and FITTO encourage listeners to strive for success in their own lives, even if they don’t have all the resources they desire.

The fourth track titled “SWERVE” is smooth as silk featuring collaborators Ael D & Ssace which is a wavy, almost dream-like beat that just puts you in a good mood.

source: Youtube (MidLyfe Records)

WATWAT” picks things back up with Lucidrari’s unapologetic lyrics. But the feature on this one by Ilyas Konlay really solidifies this track as one of the best on the album in my opinion.

GUTHRIE INTERLUDE” is a slower track that gives the listener a break to chill out for a bit. This song is perfect for driving through the city at night, making the song relatable to anyone who’s ever felt alone or lost.

The seventh track, featuring rapper DC Willie titled “U KAT MANE,” focuses on Lucidrari’s constant wondering of where his lover is to the brink of insanity.

LAMPU BIRU” is the hit single from the album (which you might have heard on TikTok) and is a definite standout. The song’s title means “blue lights” in Malay and the lyrics tell a story of young men getting caught up in illicit activities who try to evade the law.

Dannqrack and Eemrun’s verses also helped carry the song to even greater heights while keeping the album’s momentum at a consistent level.

RASA CAMNI” is personally my favorite track. If you’re going through something or just have days where you feel like zoning out from everything – this song will set the perfect mood with its astral beats to give you a brief moment of self-reflection.

And finally we have the “OUTRO,” which is extremely personal. Throughout the song, Lucidrari is heard apologising to his girlfriend for his past mistakes. The song is heartfelt and sincere emphasizing the emotions behind his lyrics.

Go ahead, give the album a listen: