This M’sian Developer Created an AR LRT Map That Appears on Your Touch ‘n Go Card

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have experienced our fair share of getting lost at the LRT Station.

Since it’s the most affordable mode of transportation, many Malaysians opt for public transport, especially during these trying times. However, the maps can get a little confusing and to have to whip it out every time we get lost is definitely an inconvenience.

Twitter user @emlshfy noticed this difficulty as he mostly uses the LRT to commute home from work. In his words, the process is “time-consuming” since he has to either search up the picture of the map from his phone gallery or go online to the RapidKL map in order to plan where he’s going.

Using his skills in web developing, Emil configured an AR (Augmented Reality) rendering of the LRT map that activates once you scan your Touch ‘n Go card using your smartphone.

He was inspired by a video he saw on TikTok which uses the same technology, but with a business card. From there, he began working on the project in order to aid him during his daily commutes. The project took him 2 – 3 days to complete.

The feature looks cool and futuristic as heck and will surely help out a tonne of Malaysians whenever we’re in a hurry at the LRT (which is almost all the time). Since the scanner is still in its beta stage, Emil plans to add plenty of other cool updates, including an interactive feature, before he releases it to the public.

At the moment, he plans on collaborating with other creators in order to realise this innovative addition to the way we use our Touch ‘n Go cards.

Who knows? Perhaps in the future, we’ll all be thanking Emil when we reach our destinations sans all that hasty confusion.