PHOTOS: This Bluetooth-Speaker-Looking Tiny Office Is Perfect For Folks Who Work From Home

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People are spending more time at home because of COVID-19. And with a stocked fridge, complete privacy, and no dress code – let’s just say, we’re getting distracted.

With many scrambling to figure out remote-work configurations at home, Norwegian design studio, Livit has come up with a “work from home solution” that brings users close to nature and helps them avoid distractions. Named the Studypod, the concept takes a weatherproof cube structure and places a single large black-tint hardened window at the front.

It’s meant to be placed in your garden, backyard, or anywhere on your property with a view. The Studypod comes in three configurations – one for yoga, one that houses just a bed, and the main setup – an office with a detachable desk.

(source: Business Insider)

The Studypod is quite tiny, at only 38 square feet, with the selling price around RM57,000. Despite how small it is, the company claims, the cabin can fit a king-size bed, so you can easily turn it into a detached guest room. The high-end, prefab design sees four downlights, one power socket, a light switch, natural ventilation, and oak laminate flooring.

While it might be pricey, just imagine having a cup of coffee and finishing up that presentation in this nature box.

Take a closer look at the Studypod: 

(source: Business Insider)
(source: Business Insider)
(source: Business Insider)
(source: Business Insider)

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