Look Cute with These Locally-Made Crochet Hats That Fit Both You & Your Furry Friend

Crochet hats are all the rage nowadays since everyone is trying to fulfil their cottage-core fantasies or keep in touch with the rebirth of Y2k fashion.

If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on this trendy new headwear, look no further than Twitter user @nurrmraa because she makes crochet hats for you and your furry friend.

Apart from making adorable hats, Miraa once went viral on Twitter for her sign-language cover of a Malaysian-favourite song, ‘Kotak Hati’ from Hujan.

Watch it below:

Now, the artsy gal is making customised hats that look like frogs and cows for your curious lil kitty.

Check out the designs, that are adorably modelled by a toy bunny, below:

These hats go for RM8 and RM35 for your pet and you respectively. The diameters are 8cm (pet) and 17.5cm (hooman).

Miraa is currently swamped with orders for her first batch, but if you’re interested, you can follow her on Twitter to receive updates on when she’ll be open for orders again.

I mean, just picture your furry friend running around the house in a crochet frog hat… Who can resist?

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