M’sians Participate in ‘One of A Kind Box Project’ to Anonymously Exchange Gifts, Boyfriends & Joy

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During this lockdown, we tend to reminisce on simpler times where we could all gather around and gift each other presents while we gossip about the latest celebrity news or family drama.

Since we’re all stuck at home, Malaysians have now taken-up the practice of clearing out each other’s Shopee cart or surprising our loved ones with a cake or coffee through Grab – anything to make us feel connected.

With this, Twitter user @ayyputeri decided to launch the ‘One of A Kind Box Project’ where users can sign-up to exchange gifts anonymously ala Secret Santa.

The idea is simple yet exciting because nothing feels better nowadays than getting that text or call from your courier service notifying you that a package is about to arrive at your doorstep.

Participating in this project is also foolproof since all you have to do is fill-in your details in a Google form and the organisers will match you to your giver.

In this case, all recipients are labelled as ‘The Lucky One’ because gifts will be chosen according to your wishlist.

For the project, the recommended price point is anything that costs below RM50. You can be generous and exceed the limit, but remember, don’t be like Michael Scott and go overboard with gifting the latest iPhone.

Christmas present scranton christmas GIF on GIFER - by Tenara

To make the experience more intimate and special, each giver is advised to include a handwritten note as well as a uniquely crafted box that caters to the recipients’ favourite colour, pastime or any other distinguishing attribute.

Similar to Christmas, it’s always more fun to unwrap our gifts together. Since we can’t be with each other physically, the unboxing will be done online on August 31 with the hashtag #KindBoxProject, so if you receive your gift prior to that date, hold your horses so we can enjoy the moment together.

Texting didn't kill romance. Having more ways to tell someone you love them is a good thing.
source: NBC News

Some Malaysians have even asked for boyfriends through this project, so if you’re single and ready to mingle (with restrictions of course, let’s not forget we’re still in a pandemic) then now’s your chance to get back on the horse and test out those new pick-up lines that you’ve practiced in the mirror of your bathroom.

Remember, when life tries to knock us down, the best thing we can do is hold hands and keep each other steady. #KitaJagaKita

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