Local Bakery Serves Spectacular Cakes with Designs That Look Like Renaissance Art

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Move over Cake Boss, because Ophelia Bakes is here to claim your throne and aptly so, since these cakes look fit for royalty.

You may think to yourself, just how good can a cake really look? There’s only so much you can do with frosting and fondant after all but local bakery, Ophelia Bakes has stretched their resources and created something quite spectacular.

As if springing from a renaissance painting, these decadent cakes have designs that appear vintage and regal with flowers, tiaras and even candelabras perched on top.

Coming in the shape of hearts and even a beautiful flower vase, I’ve honestly never seen such artistry poured into a cake that will eventually end-up as mush in my stomach. But at least it’s a marvel to look at while it lasts.

Obviously with cakes that look this good, celebs have flocked to Ophelia Bakes for their own customised treat. Local figures like Siti Nurhaliza and Mira Filzah happen to be a few of the notable people who have gotten a taste of that deliciousness.

The cakes are not just centrepieces on a dining table though, since they actually taste just as good as it looks. Available in many different flavours, you’ll surely find one that suits your tastes.

If you’re looking for a cake of your favourite movie or show, Ophelia Bakes does those as well. Check out their Black Panther and Brooklyn 99 cakes below:

They’re currently fully booked until the end of August (bummer!) but if you have a birthday, celebration or you’re just looking for a pretty treat, you can try booking your own customised cake once they start taking orders again.

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