Local Brand AURI Creates Clothes Inspired by Loved Ones & Admirable Personalities like Marina Mahathir

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Some shows need to go on, despite the storm or in this case, pandemic, and that’s exactly what local minimalist fashion brand, AURI did by opening the doors to its first-ever physical store at Publika Shopping Gallery on 3 October, which JUICE had the opportunity to attend.

Pronounced as aw-ree, the store is actually an acronym for ‘Actually, you are the inspiration’. As you can tell from the name, AURI strives to be more than just a fashion brand as it aims to be a community-driven brand on a mission to provide life-enriching experiences and connect the dots between fashion, well-being and networking of like-minded individuals.

Upon entering the store, you would immediately feel at ease due to the décor with its pegboard shelves and lite pastel colours.

When it comes to AURI’s fashion, the brand focuses on comfortable and versatile pieces that can be worn every day no matter the occasion. The price range of their clothing is between RM49 – RM129 making it decently affordable.

What also makes AURI’s fashion unique is that each garment is named after someone special in their lives, whether it’s a famous personality they admire or a close friend. For example, the brand’s best selling tops are Marina and Muza – named after Marina Mahathir and a former staff called Muza.

The clothes are also designed to abstractly resemble how these individuals are like in the cutting, shape and length of the garment.

(Source: weare.auri on Instagram)

As of now, the store is currently hosting two collections which are #weareversatile and #wearecosy.

Garments in both collections are designed to be simple and colourful. They can be bought individually or as a set, and are catered mostly for women who are size 10-18. Each item of clothing bought will be carefully wrapped in a biodegradable cornstarch bag.

Aside from fashion, homeware items including scented soy wax candles and incense, colourful blanket throws, and bug-repelling fragrances are also sold in the store.

When it comes to building a community, Auri is still very much keen to bring individuals together but due to the rising cases, their networking plans had to be put on hold for the time being.

“We actually had so many plans to finally bring the Auri community together, and we were even excited to propose an event where everyone could come together and make candle wax. However, due to the virus, we have to put our events on hold for a while. We hope we can make it happen soon,” said Rasya, Senior Executive of AURI

Launched in June 2020 during the peak of the pandemic, it’s definitely a milestone for AURI to finally open a physical store during these unprecedented times. Here’s hoping that the brand continues to make fashionable and effortlessly beautiful clothing while having the chance to bring the community together soon.

For more information, check out their website.