Rihanna Called Out for Using Remix-Track Containing Hadith on ‘Kiamat’ at Her Lingerie Fashion Show (Updated)

(source: USA Today)

Rihanna always takes fashion to the next level but this time, the pop singer-entrepreneur may have pushed things a bit too far.

Recently, people on Twitter have accused her of appropriating Islam by using a song that contains a narration of a hadith that explains signs of the day of judgement and the end of times, at her brand’s Savage x Fenty lingerie fashion show.

Loaded with celebrity cameos, elaborate sets, intricate choreography and stunning lingerie – the song ‘Doom’ created by London-based producer Coucou Chloe, was also included in the fashion show last week.

(source: Rihanna Twitter)

Although you can barely hear the hadith because it’s been heavily remixed and only a portion of it was played at Rihanna’s show, you can clearly hear the hadith on the original track. Coucou even confirmed that she took the audio from a YouTube “song” – which turns out to be a hadith narration and remixed it, according to UpNewsInfo.

We’re guessing that both of these artists just thought it was Arabic, without actually double-checking.

Take a look: 

Here’s the original track called ‘Doom’ by Coucou Chloe: 

Many Muslims on Twitter are upset over the poor decision by Rihanna and her team, deeming it insensitive. Some Muslims on the other hand, think that Rihanna is not the one at fault. Check it out:

*Update on 7 October 2020: Rihanna has come out to apologize to the Muslim community.