KLFW 2020 Goes Digital For The First Time Ever & We’ve Got The Scoop!

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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) is the ultimate time when fashion enthusiasts from across Malaysia would gather at Pavilion Mall to get a quick glimpse of the latest designs from our very own homegrown fashion designers. 

However, due to the sudden coronavirus pandemic, physical events have been put to a halt, especially runway shows, dimming the lights and spirits for many people who have been looking forward to KLFW, a staple event that has been going on for the past eight years. 

To conquer this unprecedented time, KLFW 2020 has decided to go fully digital, making this Malaysia’s first online fashion week.

JUICE got the amazing opportunity to attend the event during their exclusive “Digital Backstage” segment, where we got to undergo a completely re-imagined backstage experience, sponsored by Panasonic Malaysia, the event’s official hair and garment partner for the second consecutive season. 

(Source: KLFW)


Hosted in Metal Bees Studio, the venue was divided into two segments, one being an open backstage otherwise known as the “Panasonic Beauty Backstage” and the other being the built-in stage, where the runway is held.

Over in backstage, garments and models are prepped by professionals using Panasonic’s innovative products such as the Nanoe Hairdryer, ionic facial steamer and garment steamer.

JUICE even received a special tour and demonstration of the beauty products by Panasonic Malaysia’s team leader Ms Janice Tan Shin Yin joined by Mr Chew Keng Heng, General Manager of Panasonic Malaysia. 


Once the models and garments were prepped, they were redirected to the built-in stage where the camera crew was ready to record the latest collections designed by our local fashion designers. 

We were lucky enough to catch Behati’s contemporary runway show that focused on Malaysia’s traditional fashion but spliced with a more modern twist.

Naturally, they weren’t the only ones who were featured. Almost 60 designers with the key message of revival and sustainability were present at KLFW Digital and their collections will soon be aired to the public on hurr.tv from Nov 11 to Nov 13 with 5 episodes a day. 


Andrew Tan, the founder of KLFW, truly masterminded the concept behind KLFW Digital and made sure that this year’s Fashion Week was the most inclusive of all. This time, fashion enthusiasts could just sit in their homes, glammed-to-the-heavens and watch their favourite collections, designers and models strut their stuff. 

Not only will that be taking place, but fan favourites such as Fashion Uncensored, Fashion 101 and Style Matters will be available to stream as well.

(Source: Tatler Malaysia)

When asked about the challenges faced during the making of digital backstage, Andrew simply explained that it was not easy and that he misses his physical runway shows. Speaking to JUICE, he said,

“Making a digital online fashion show is not as easy as it looks like, as there are a lot more technical issues to tend to. I know what’s been happening is out of my control but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 2021 that we will be able to resume to our usual physical shows, as I’m already missing the hectic and chaotic feeling backstage.”

Andrew also added that there’s a silver lining to every situation. Although KLFW could not happen physically, maybe it was a blessing in disguise for it to be cancelled.

He also explained that this is the perfect time for everyone to take a step back and improve themselves, especially fashion designers, as they could redefine their house code, a particular style or theme that’s mainly used in fashion brands, and adopt new manufacturing innovation to adapt to the new social change and environmental norm.

(Source: BURO)

Even though it’s a difficult time, Malaysia is once again on the map when it comes to fashion. Personally, we can’t wait to see what designs are in store this season, so make sure to save the date because we already have!