Kit Woo’s SS21 Collection Explores ‘Outer Layering’ With The Inside Of Our Clothes

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(Source: Kit Woo)

The saying “It’s what’s inside that matters most” applies more than ever through local fashion designer, Kit Woo’s latest SS21 collection, titled Intimate Things.

The staggering designs in his collection explore the ideas of exposing undergarments in the most intimate and subtle way with oversized trench coats and reworked t-shirts that most definitely symbolise the oddity in the clothing.

(Source: Kit Woo)

The process of this collection was deliberate and forward, exposing what is traditionally worn on the inside, turning them outside on top of the garment’s function as extra layers, or in Kit Woo’s own term, “outer layering.”

(Source: Kit woo)

The main subject in the collection is the tank top, utilising the high stretch of the ribbed knit, attached to oversized outerwear or shirts to create a juxtaposition of fit.

(Source: Kit Woo)

Kit Woo also introduces sheer fabric this season to create an oversized trench coat with exposed boning vertically across the entire coat – a nod to the women’s corsetry.

With the pandemic halting much of the fashion world, it’s great to see local designers taming the storm by releasing new collections. Also, it’s high time someone put a twist on elegance and simplicity, and we’re glad Kit Woo did it.