Indonesian SOP Offenders Punished By Being Put In Coffins & Forced To Stare At Graves Of COVID-19 Victims

source: Human Rights Watch / SAYS

Reminding citizens to wear masks and to follow SOPs through incessant announcements on television just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore in Indonesia…

Ever since the pandemic struck, Indonesian authorities have been the most creative in alerting their nation when it comes to the fatal dangers of Covid-19. While the rest of the world stuck to brochures, speeches, sing-along PSAs and long Twitter threads, Indonesia has so far locked SOP offenders in haunted houses, scared curfew violators with hantu pocongs and even used traditional folklore characters to spook people into wearing their face masks.

source: The Australian

Despite their efforts, the death toll continue to rise and Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, is running out of cemetery space to accommodate the fatalities. Due to that, they’re forced to up the ante when it comes to their tactics.

source: SAYS

The most intimidating scare tactic to date happened when violators had to lie down in a coffin for a full minute as they contemplated their actions. According to Anadolu Agency, with the impending dangers of Covid-19 still prevalent, these violators have a higher risk of meeting their maker hence the coffin punishment.

However, when the government caught wind of this happening, they immediately shut it down, stating that it isn’t an official punishment and does not go in line with the governor’s orders.

With that punishment gone, it didn’t stop Indonesians from coming up with more ideas.

source: Harian Metro

Recently, 54 individuals were forced to stare at graves of those who died from Covid-19 and they had to do so in the dead of night, from 11pm-12am. At first, they would be accompanied by the comfort of light before it is turned off and they are forced to sit in darkness as they pray for the victims. Talk about an emotional punishment…

The head of police in Sidoarjo, where the incident took place, believes the punishment will serve as a great lesson to citizens to always wear their face masks.

I guess Malaysia’s Gandalf-pocong seems like amateur hour now…