The Curious Lore Surrounding The Abandoned & Allegedly Haunted Police Station In Gombak

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source: Flickr

We all know Malaysians can’t get enough of horror stories, particularly when the tale shrouds an abandoned, dilapidated local building.

It’s unsurprising that multiple disturbing incidents are rumoured to have taken place at Balai Polis Batu 16 Gombak (the 16th Milestone Gombak Police Station), which was erected all the way back in the Malayan Emergency era, indicating that it has been around for at least half a century.

source: Flickr

Its eerie appearance and location in a remote jungle area along Jalan Lama Bentong in Pahang add to its uncanny allure, making it one of the top choices for vloggers and horror enthusiasts to film viral clips and take photos- despite the fact that they are encouraged against it since the area is frequented by wild animals.

The road itself has seen multiple gruesome vehicle accidents, particularly among lorry drivers.

As for the police station,  the story goes that it was constructed to keep an eye on and safeguard the native people from communist activity – also making it an interesting mark of Malaysian history.

source: Flickr

However, it is believed that the building never functioned as police station after all, rather it was the home of a local researcher. It is unknown when exactly the ‘home’ was abandoned.

While no known tragedy or brutal death has been confirmed to have transpired at the station itself, locals allege that the jungle was once a common place for corpse disposal.

It is also said that there is a waterfall within the area towards the back of the station, below which lies an area of blooming with bamboo trees. Over the years, this has welcomed a host of supposed pontianak sightings.

Furthermore, it’s believed that a male body was buried below one of the trees, though his identity was never revealed. Some believe that this is linked to the brief story of a man who went jungle trekking there, alas, he never found his way out.

Besides that, there are allegations of an Indonesian woman who died from suicide, whose spirit some have claimed to have seen roaming within the vicinity of the police station.

source: Makkal Osai

Besides that, it is alleged that a group of 6 boys visited the police station in 2015, for no purpose other than pure entertainment and curiosity. They travelled along the dark street via motorbike. This occurred around the time that a video depicting a ghost sighting at the station was circulating on social media.

They contended that during their journey, one of the bikes’ headlights began flickering. Another one of the guys guided him at first, but eventually upped his pace, leaving the one with malfunctioning lights on his own.

He lost sight of the rest of the group, and all of a sudden, his headlights went off completely, causing him to come to an abrupt halt, and fall to his death into a ravine.

The road which connects Gombak to Bentong. source: YouTube

There are, however two versions to this story.

In the alternate one, he knocks on the headlights after they switch off, and they come back on again. He then sees his friends coming up to him. They seem concerned and ask him, “Didn’t you see us waiting for you at the side of the road just now?”

This sent shivers down his spine, as he swore he had explicitly seen them leave him behind. Still, they decided to continue the journey.

Once they arrived, none of the boys got off their bikes. They merely looked around using a flash light to illuminate the area. It was then when they noticed an ‘entity’ with red eyes watching them from behind one of the station’s walls, prompting them to rush out of the area.

source: The Star

Notably, the station is just a stone’s throw away from Mimaland, an abandoned recreation water theme park. It was regarded as Malaysia’s first theme park when it opened in 1975, and shut down permanently in May 1994. Some allege that this was the result of property damage caused by a landslide, while other say it was brought on by a slew of technical and safety issues.

There are numerous spooky rumours surrounding the park too.

In one incident, a young man is thought to have been rowing a boat in the Mimaland lake when strong waves struck his boat, causing it to capsize. He made it to the shore by swimming and hastily returned home only to fall ill and pass away a few days later.

Some also believe that orang bunian or elvish beings in Malay folklore reside in the area and bring mayhem unto trespassers.

The park is so notorious for its creepy past that it inspired local director Nevin Hiong Malaysian horror film to craft the popular horror film Miimaland, which bagged two awards at the AltFF Alternative Film Festival in Toronto, Canada in the Best Horror Film and Best Director category.

Mimaland’s entrance gate and ruins remain visible up to this day – but of course, visitors are unwelcome.