Netizens Think PM’s Hari Batik M’sia Takes Away From International Day of Disabled Persons

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source: The Star

Back when Ismail Sabri was our Senior Minister of Security, he was known for giving announcements in his endless collection of batik shirts.

Now that he’s our current PM, Ismail Sabri has declared that December 3 would be Hari Batik Malaysia in order to encourage all Malaysians to wear and celebrate the art of batik.

While it was all fun and games before, netizens aren’t too pleased now, stating that it’s actually a pointless holiday.

Making matters worse, it’s actually taking away the spotlight from a more important event which is International Day of Disabled Persons.

Check out what netizens have to say:

While batik is an essential part of Malaysian culture that should be celebrated, it shouldn’t come at the expense of a marginalised community.

Since news of disabled persons struggling to make ends meet and people mocking the community are still prevalent, it’s clear that this issue is more important than donning a piece of batik clothing.

With that, let us refocus towards International Day of Disabled Persons and help boost organisations that are actively making a difference and raising awareness for equitable opportunities for people with disabilities.