Malaysians Turned Ismail Sabri’s Batik Shirts Into Kuih Memes & It’s Hilarious

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source: The Star

Malaysians have grown accustomed to seeing Senior Minister of Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob daily briefings during the pandemic, but now we will have to get used to seeing him only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as MCO rules are beginning to loosen.

In his most recent live broadcast, the minister still insists that Malaysians should take the SOPs seriously and adhere to social distancing despite the lesser briefings. Aside from the serious note, he also joked that he will be retiring his signature batik outfits thus putting an end to the wonderful kuih memes. He said,

“Today is also the last day I will be going live on the weekend. After this, there may no longer be colourful batik that have become the basis of your kuih and drink [jokes].”

The minister joined in on the fun during puasa about a month ago, by reposting the various batik comparisons made by netizens on his personal Facebook page. He writes, “My clothes have become kuih… Thank you netizens for entertaining both myself and all Malaysians. Have fun breaking fast with my kuih shirts…”

In case you weren’t already aware, here are a few of the iconic batik and kuih comparisons that we will surely miss in his daily briefings… Caution: it might make you extremely hungry for dessert!

1. Shaved ice and more jelly

2. Oreo sprinkle brookie

3. Pulut tai tai

4. Talam Keladi

5. Durian seri muka

Don’t fret! Because netizens will most probably continue to make these comparisons with his plainer clothes since they already have in the past. Here’s how our Senior Minister of Security would look like as a cup of Dalgona coffee…

Memes like these keep spirits up during trying times. We hope that Malaysians will continue to exercise their creativity and persevere through the pandemic with our heads held high.

Now, if will you excuse me, I need to find a baker who can ship these kuih to my front door.

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