Dependent On Each Other, Two Disabled Siblings In Kuala Pilah Have Been Living On Petai To Survive

(Source: Harian Metro)

Two disabled siblings, Rizal Afandi Yusof, 48 and his brother Shaharuddin, 54 from Kampung Kabong, Inas, Johol have been living in poverty and surviving only on petai for their daily meals. The two siblings have been dependent on each other for the longest time and have even assigned roles on who does what.

(Source: Oh Bulan)

According to Harian Metro, Rizal had explained that Shaharuddin would usually go out and do the gathering for the petai to be sold to middlemen and for their daily consumption whereas Rizal was tasked to do the cooking.

The two siblings have been so dependent on petai to the point Rizal had explained that petai was their source of money, and if there wasn’t any left, the both of them would have to eat anything else they could find.

(Source: Neolee Rehab Supply)

Due to not having an OKU Card, the two siblings have not been getting help from the government or other charity organisations. They solely depend on their small petai business but stated that some villagers and their elder sister Hasnah Yusof, 73 has helped them in some ways.

Hasnah told Harian Metro that her two siblings have been living temporarily in this small kampung as a means of waiting for their home under the Program Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT) that is under construction at the moment.

(Source: Malaysiakini)

Luckily, the chairman of an NGO organization, Al-Baasith , Khairul Nizam Khairuddin has meanwhile provided the two siblings with some essentials including a mattress. Khairul also hopes the siblings will get more assistance from the authorities to cover them for their livelihood.

If you’d like to help these siblings, you could visit them if you’re in the Kuala Pilah area or contact Khairul at 017-632 7478.