Netizens React To President of Gabungan Islam Se-Malaysia Imitating The Disabled Just To Get Parking At A Mosque

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source: Twitter @UtusanMeloya

It’s the year 2020 but people are still casually mocking and imitating the struggles of disabled people for personal gain? It seems like we have a long way to go…

Recently, a video went viral of the alleged president of Gabungan Islam Se-Malaysia (GAMIS) imitating the disabled (OKU) in order to secure a parking spot in-front of a mosque. The original tweet from @Dr_Zofrie2203 has since been deleted due to the backlash.

The tweet wrote, “For the sake of getting parking, one of our friends was sacrificed in order to become the leading actor.”

In the video, the man could be seen hunching his shoulder to fake a deformity. Take a look…

While the initial tweet has been deleted, the video was re-uploaded by Twitter user @UtusanMeloya which caused an uproar on the social media platform.

Here’s the clip.

Of course, with such an incendiary video such as that, the backlash came pouring in and some netizens began to criticise him for being a bad Muslim since he took advantage of the disabled for his own convenience.

Take a look at what netizens have to say…

Even members of parliament have spoken out against this unacceptable behaviour.

The man in the video has since issued an apology on his Twitter, stating that he “didn’t mean to belittle the disabled” and that his actions did not represent the organisation he is a part of.

Many found his behaviour disgusting and out-of-touch with the struggles of the OKU community.

To steal the opportunity of convenient parking from a marginalised community who needs it more than you so you could enter a mosque to perform a deed is oxymoronic.

This blatant display of ignorance is evidence that Malaysians need to continue to educate each other and keep one another in check when it comes to how we treat the disabled.