Green Room

What Went Down: Heineken Green Room @ KL Live

The Drums, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED), Twilight Actiongirl, The Deer Society, and Darren Ashley — together with Heineken — gave us one of the funnest nights this year.


Heineken Green Room @ KL Live

What went down at Heineken Green Room last 15 June ’13.

Green Room

Heineken Green Room Set Times Revealed!

Heineken Green Room is only 2 sleeps away. Now with set times revealed, do you think you’d be able to sleep?

Green Room

The Art of Heineken Green Room

We got a preview of some of the artworks done by Irman Hilmi, James Ly, and Juxta ART for Heineken Green Room.

Green Room

See You at Green Room!

Local heroes — Deer Society, Darren Ashley, and Twilight Actiongirl — want you to be at Heineken Green Room ’13.

Green Room

The 10 Years of Twilight Actiongirl History Chamber

Twilight Actiongirl’s involvement with Heineken Green Room goes beyond just being opening DJs.

Green Room

Heineken Green Room 2013: Of Drums & Not-So-Extinct Dinosaurs

Past Green Room events have proven that Heineken is possibly the only beer brand here that gets it – they are cognisant of pop culture the youths are into. And yes, that means going beyond just the increasingly tired EDM phenomenon.