The 10 Years of Twilight Actiongirl History Chamber

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Not a stranger to KL’s nightlife, Twilight Actiongirl, better known as TAG, is the reason why the scene has grown so rapidly among Malaysians. Not only ensuring they pound out the freshest indie and electronic tunes, they sure did teach us how to get down and dirty when it comes to partying hard (first to get people to crowdsurf in a club, for one). This Friday 15 June ‘13, the TAG boys will join Heineken Green Room with the likes of NY’s reverb-loving indie rock darlings The Drums and leftfield disco-tinged EDM DJ-producer Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs (TEED), both of whom will headline the event at KL Live.

Their involvement will go beyond just playing opening DJs for the aforementioned acts, the event will feature ‘The 10 Years of Twilight Actiongirl History Chamber’ to commemorate the collective’s 10th anniversary. The installation is set to have a projection of the entirety of TAG’s archived videos and party pictures of the then younger TAGgers (and the now older TAGgers), it will also have a wall dedicated to TAG memorabilia — from posters, merchandises to button badges.

As pioneers of the scene in KL, we get up close and personal with Lim Kok Kean (Bunga), Kelvin Oon (Chaseylain), Xu and Daryl Goh (Ribut) of Twilight Actiongirl to see what essential items have helped them with surviving 10 years of hardcore partying.