The Art of Heineken Green Room

source: Heineken

Heineken Green Room is more than just a music event, it’s as visually titillating as it is an aural stimulation. Set to feature stunning video projections, art installations, and blinding light shows, JUICE was given a sneak preview of what to expect from the event. Three different artists were commissioned to create original artworks on 8′ x 8′ panels that relate back to Green Room as a microcosm of the bigger world of pop culture. The results are as follows;

source: James Ly

Reciprocal Phantasmagoria
By James Ly
A spontaneous yet painstakingly researched piece, Reciprocal Phantasmagoria is a collage that explores the many ways that pop culture remixes and reconsumes itself. As human beings, we constantly strive for originality only to realise that we are repeating patterns from the past. The technology may be new but the ideas and creativity behind it are the same. It’s also this realisation that allows us to break the cycles and disrupt these patterns and to pursue a better future for humanity.

source: The Off-Day (Irman Hilmi)

Malaysian Rock History
By The Off-Day (Irman Hilmi)
Malaysian Rock History is a series of imaginary gig flyers and posters that reimagines Malaysia’s music history through a new filter. It asks the question: what would the local music landscape look like today if platforms like Heineken Green Room had existed in the ’70s, bringing the top performers of their era to Malaysia’s shores?

source: Juxta ART

By Ajim Juxta
Juxtaposed pulls together many of the influences that inspire Ajim Juxta. From music to architecture to the wonders of the natural world, the work is a reflection of those influences as well as a personal journey of self-discovery for the artist as a human being. Culture, society, music. They all juxtapose ideas. Yet it is how we interpret and take ownership of these common threads that helps to define us as individuals.

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