Gentlemen First! Celebrate V-Day the Japanese Way And Get Your GF to Treat You

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Men in relationships always have it hard. Be it their boo’s birthday, Christmas, or the ever stressful Valentine’s Day, they are expected to shower their lady with gifts after a fancy dinner, or at least put in effort to make this year’s Valentine’s Day different from the previous years. To achieve this, it’s common sacrifice for lads to skip lunches, booze and futsal with their mates, just so they can stay in budget to pull off the perfect date (we feel you bro).

If you think Valentine’s Day is tough on guys around the world, then you should check out how the Japanese do it by reversing traditional roles. The guys get all the good loving, and are actually spoilt with gifts from the girl!

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a huge occasion where the girl will give three types of chocolate: ‘giri-choco’ for friends, colleagues, or any (men) she wants to show appreciation to, ‘honmei-choco’ for the her romantic interest, and ‘jibun-choco’ for herself.

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Not to worry though, it’s not as unfair as it sounds. They have a celebration called ‘White Day’, which is a month after Valentine’s Day where the men will reciprocate. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both genders. However, women still gain more benefit, as men are expected to return the treat with something three times the value (sorry bro).


We’re not saying you should, but we’re not saying you shouldn’t either. It’s Valentine’s Day, so the question of who’s going to pay for the date is up to the couple themselves. The man can be a gentleman and pay for it all, or you can split the bill because what matters most is to have a great time with the love of your life.

We like to try new things here at JUICE, and we haven’t done a Japanese-themed Valentine’s Day yet. If you and your boo want to spend this special day with all things Japanese, here are a few recommendations at 1 Mont Kiara to satisfy your cravings:

Have Japanese food at:

Menya Kamikaze


An original brand launched here in Malaysia, Menya Kamikaze is the place for all the ramen lovers. Have you seen those delicious-looking ramen noodles like the ones in anime? That’s the kind of presentation and taste you’ll get from Menya Kamikaze.

Their specialty is a rich, creamy pork broth that is favoured by the locals, and is used in all of their ramen dishes. If you like add-ons in your ramen (who doesn’t?), there’s a selection of spring onions, bamboo shoots, onsen egg, and more for that explosion of flavours.

Kodawari Menya


If udon like ramen (heh), head to Kodawari Menya and try their udon. The process of making it is intricate and is carefully undertaken by the artisans who are passionate about delivering the best udon. Originated from the best place from Japan that is popular for udon, the Kodawari Menya udon and tempura brand is made from the most authentic and finest ingredients.

Sushi Zanmai


If there’s one go-to Japanese restaurant for Malaysians, it’s Sushi Zanmai. We’ve never heard a girl say, “Omg! I don’t like Sushi Zanmai”; it’s always the opposite of that. There’s more than 100 types of sushi and cooked Japanese meals that you can try here, and they’re having a Chinese New Year promotion until the end of February so you have a month full of sushi galore!


Pasta Zanmai


What’s better than one type of food? Two types of food. Here at Pasta Zanmai, you get to taste a marriage of two international palates that will tantalise your tastebuds with every bite. They have promotions almost every month of the year too!

(Source: Pasta Zanmai)
(Source: Pasta Zanmai)



If you’re a health-conscious couple (even on Valentine’s Day), Suki-Ya is where you can have a full-flavoured meal without worrying about gaining weight. They’re famous for their shabu-shabu, but the restaurant also provides ala carte for those who aren’t big eaters.

For the shabu-shabu, you get to choose one out of four choices of soup bases to go with a free flow of sliced meat. Yes, you read that right – free flow of sliced meat! You can also top that with a bar full of fresh vegetables and eggs. What’s sweeter than a couple sharing and cooking a meal together right?

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Or cook a meal for him/her and get fresh, high quality ingredients at:

Village Grocer


Sometimes you just want to have a nice, intimate occasion at home. If you want to be extra romantic, get supplies from Village Grocer and have a home-cooked meal, filled with the freshest ingredients. There’s a long aisle of all things Japanese that you can choose from, and what better way to imagine how your future will look like other than to go grocery shopping with your bae? If you want to make it super simple but special, grab some fresh sushi and go for a picnic outside (or even indoors). Sounds like a rom com to us.


Don’t end the day too soon! Go to Shojikiya and grab all the necessities you need for the night to wrap up. Get some chocolates, potato chips, or those weird yet cool Japanese snacks and of course, some Japanese beer for a relaxing time at home. The night is still young, so get in your jammies and snuggle up. Chill, and even get on Netflix for a round of 10 Things I Hate About You, perhaps?

Don’t forget to get a present (in addition to the one you already got)

Not really a foodie? Maybe plush toys will do it. You can get these kawaii bears and more at Miniso for your Valentine’s date, so show your appreciation towards them in the form of a cute cuddly soft animal to win their hearts! Other than that, there’s a whole lot of things that Miniso offers that you might enter the store with nothing, but go out with bags full of gifts, accessories, and toys that you probably don’t need but want.

With that face, we know you cant help yourself but to take it home!

Awwww penguins! Who doesn’t want to hug a cute, cuddly penguin?! We know we do.

So how about that, ladies? There’s White Day to look forward to soon, where you can pressure the men to get you a present three times the value of the meal you treat them. That being said, make sure to head to 1 Mont Kiara this V-Day for a good time.

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