Father of Deceased Navy Cadet, Zulfarhan Osman Reveals That His Son Was Slandered by a Bomoh

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Anak saya maut kerana fitnah bomoh, kata bapa Zulfarhan | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)
source: FMT

While the nation was shocked at the cruelty that led to the death of navy cadet, Zulfarhan Osman, none of us knew the real reason he was targeted so violently by his peers.

The initial reason given was that the cadet was suspected of stealing a laptop but it was only revealed today by the victim’s father that the suspicion arose because of a bomoh (shaman).

Zulkarnain Idros stated that his son would have been alive today if not for the blind accusation by the shaman.

Judge says deterrent sentence needed in case of naval cadet's death
source: Yahoo News Malaysia

“My son is a victim of slander by this shaman. He (the shaman) did not have any proof before accusing my son. He didn’t even consult his talismans before accusing him. With no proof, my son’s name surfaced,” he told FMT.

The shaman was none other than Abdullah Md Seh, who is the father of one of the accused in Zulfarhan’s murder case.

During the trial in 2018, he told the court that he received a “sign” that pointed to Zulfarhan as the thief of the aforementioned laptop. The gut-feeling came when he saw Zulfarhan’s name appear in his peripheral vision.

Zulkarnain’s revelation came amidst the recent sentencing of all those accused of the murder.

All 18 cadets escaped the gallows but the 6 who were found guilty of his murder were sentenced to 18 years in prison while the remaining 12 were sentenced to 3 years in prison for inflicting harm on the victim.

Guna 'Ilmu Tilik' Bapa Seorang Tertṳdṳh 'nampak' Arwah Zulfarhan Cṳri Laptop, Sebelum Dia Dibṳnṳh
source: Oh! Info Kini

Zulkarnain and his wife are still reeling from the decision and have trouble accepting the fact that their son was brutally tortured for 2 days straight.

He said, “My son was tortured for 2 days from May 21 to May 22. If it wasn’t without the intention to kill, we can only accept that he was in pain for one day only.

“But since it spanned 2 days, is it really without intention? 2 days without pause. That’s what I, as a father, am deliberating. I’m not going against the decision of the court, just the intentions of the accused.

“I’m forced to accept this. My son is gone. And I have since forgiven his murderers.”

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On the issue of using a shaman, according to Islam, it goes against the teachings of the religion since it’s considered dipping toes into the element of black magic.

Pahang Mufti, Abdul Rahman Osman strongly urges members of the faith to not engage in this kind of activity since it can bring harm to yourself and others, as illustrated by Zulfarhan’s untimely death.