Navy Cadet, Zulfarhan Osman Finally Sees Justice 4 Years Later with 6 Suspects Guilty of His Murder

Accused: Cadet officer Zulfarhan cried out 'don't' when scalded with hot iron | Malaysia | Malay Mail
source: Malay Mail

4 years ago, Malaysia was shaken to its core when a navy cadet by the name of Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain died due to serious injuries.

The nation was appalled to hear that he had been brutally beaten-up by pipes and hangers, burned with an iron and whipped with belts. This abuse occurred due to a missing laptop which the victim was accused of stealing.

18 cadets from Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) were believed to be behind this merciless killing and assault.

Today, they were finally found guilty of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and assault towards Zulfarhan.

Susulan Kes Kematian Zulfarhan, Enam Tertuduh Utama Terlepas Hukuman Gantung
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6 cadets by the names of Muhammad Akmal Zuhairi Azmal, Muhammad Azamuddin Mad Sofi, Muhammad Najib Mohd Razi, Muhammad Afif Najmudin Azahat, Mohamad Shobirin Sabri and Abdoul Hakeem Mohd Ali, were found guilty of murder without intention to kill under Section 304 (a) of the Penal Code.

Abdoul Hakeem received an additional sentence for being the ringleader of the murder with Section 109 of the Penal Code.

The remaining 12 cadets were found guilty for causing harm towards Zulfarhan under Section 330 and Section 34 of the Penal Code. Their names are:

  • Mohd Hafiz Fauzan Ismail,
  • Mohamad Lukhmanul Hakim Mohd Zain,
  • Ahmad Shafwan Berdal,
  • Muhammad Amirul Asraff Mala,
  • Luqman Hakim Shamsuri,
  • Muhammad Sufi Mohd Mustapha,
  • Noriznan Izzairi Noor Azhar,
  • Muhamad Ashraf Abdullah,
  • Muhammad Danial Firdaus Azmir,
  • Muhammad Hasif,
  • Muhammad Adib Iman and
  • Mohamad Syazwan

All suspects are currently 25 years old this year.

Menteri pertahanan diminta bertanggungjawab kematian penuntut UPNM
source: Malaysia Dateline

Prior to his death, Zulfarhan was brought back to his dorm while in critical condition.

Known as a kind soul to those who knew him, while he was being treated by one of the accused, Muhammad Akmal Zuhairi, he kept apologising for throwing up and saying how he didn’t want to inconvenience his friends.

Air mata Muhammad Akmal
source: Harian Metro

In a hearing in 2019, the accused told this story in-front of Zulfarhan’s family before pleading for their forgiveness.

Regaling the incident, Akmal said that one of Zulfarhan’s final wishes was to call his parents to tell them he missed them. But since his parents were sick at the time, he didn’t want them to worry or suspect anything from the spontaneous phone call. So, he decided against it.

Akmal called the ambulance when he noticed Zulfarhan’s limp and cold body. When Zulfarhan arrived at the hospital, he still had a pulse but he soon passed away that same night.

Zulfarhan’s family has yet to release a statement.