Famous YouTuber Lilly Singh Celebrates Her Birthday With A Tiger Balm Cake

( Source: Lilly on Instagram)

Created by Haw Par Corporation in China, Tiger Balm has been a long time house remedy for curing aches and pain throughout the years in parts of Asia and the US.

It’s always been known as that little bottle chucked away in medicine cabin but recently, the iconic bottle’s design made it to social media when famous YouTuber Lilly Singh received a surprise birthday cake made to look exactly like the Tiger Balm bottle, for her 32nd Birthday.

Following the post, Lily joked that this was not an ad, but simply a message that she’s getting older.

“Tiger Balm is my jam!!! If you know, you know. Y’all can laugh but guess whose shoulders are NOT hurting right now,” she said in her Instagram post.

The cake’s design which is a scaled up version of the real bottle, managed to capture all the details including the brand’s famous leaping tiger logo.

( Source: Lilly on Instagram)

Well, this ‘Tiger Balm’ cake is certainly a one-of-a-kind piece of pastry. Now you know what to get your Muay Thai instructor for his birthday.