Netizens Are Amazed By This Secret Recipe Employee’s Custom Cake Designs

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(Source: @wafanorsyazana at Twitter)

Aside from writing your name in cursive and in the coloured icing of your choice, creative customisation on cakes can be tricky. When one mistake means ruining the entire design, bakers need skill and a set of surgically-precise hands to pull off the simplest of drawings to top their masterpieces.

Amongst the many Secret Recipe outlets in Malaysia, the outlet at Star Avenue Subang is changing the cake game, all thanks to one skilled employee, Nurul Aina, who expressing amazing talent by drawing her customers’ wishes on cakes.

Twitter user, @wafanorsyazana was amazed by Nurul’s skills and even urged the company to give her more recognition and rewards for making customers happy and for her creative skills.

She did many designs including pieces in appreciation of the efforts of our frontliners and Dato’ Noor Hisham Abdullah.

(Source: @wafanorsyazana at Twitter)
(Source: @wafanorsyazana at twitter)


Aside from that, she had also recently made a customise cake design to celebrate Queen Tunku Azizah’s Birthday.


In the comment section, many netizens praised Nurul for her creative skills and hoped for more employees in Secret Recipe like her.

(Source: Borak Daily)

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