Famous Australian Tennis Player Results To Onlyfans In Order To Support Herself & Her Sports Career

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(Souce: Daily Mail UK)

With the ongoing pandemic, many people around the world have been struggling to raise funds and earn money to stay afloat, thus individuals who have been affected the most are usually in the sports and entertainment field.

To make ends meet, many people have turned to different alternatives to get by and for the Australian Tennis star, Angelina Graovac, it was starting an Onlyfans account.

(Source: Pocket Lint)

As reported in Daily Star, the 19-year-old had opened up an account in order to raise funds to support herself since sporting events have been little to none this year.

Apart from that, she has also been struggling to really break into the grand slam scene ever since her debut in 2018 and only earns a little less than $3,500 in her career.

(Source: Daily Star)

Onlyfans is a page where adult content is sold, thus it is said the tennis player has over 16,400 Instagram and has been selling nudes to some of her followers privately, whereas the remaining are treated to see her explicit photos on her profile too.

As unusual as it might sound, Angelina does embrace her Onlyfans career and has admitted to doing anything she can to boost her profile with followers as she is set to grow worldwide and not only in Australia.

(Source: Daily Star)

As of now, Angelina is ranked 1,171 in the world tennis rankings and has won nine matches through 37 appearances so far.

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