Drug Dealer Tells Customers He’ll Donate 10% of Each Cocaine Purchase to Help Australia’s Bushfire Victims

source: Metro UK/NBC News

Australia has been blazing since September 2019. Surpassing the devastation of the recent Amazon fires, 17.9 million acres have been burned, turning it into the country’s worst fire season on record.

The fires killed 27 people, destroyed almost 2,000 homes and damaged hundreds more. An estimate of 1 billion flora and fauna have been it killed. Although a sight of rain was relieving, the AP reports that hot and windy conditions are keeping the fires burning.

source: NASA

Thousands of people are suffering and the Australian government has been reluctant to confront the crisis. People are helping in any way they can – like the LA model/influencer who is selling her nudes to collect donations for the victims.

Now, according to Daily Mail, an Aussie drug dealer has launched a campaign to help the victims by selling cocaine – codenamed Cracka in the text message. The dealer claims that 10% of each purchase will be donated to the victims.

In a screenshot of the text message, which circulated around social media, the dealer said he’ll be “donating 10% of all purchases this weekend to the bushfires… As a lot of my family have been affected. Not a joke. Actually being legit.”

source: Daily Mail UK

The dealer also urged customers to donate to other charity platforms that are helping the bushfire victims. He does sound legit.

There’s no way for us to find out how his fundraiser campaign is going and it’s certainly not the most honourable one, but it’s good to see that people care and are doing the best they can.