This Sabahan Youth Is The World’s Youngest Racehorse Trainer At Only 13-Years-Old

(Source: Utusan Borneo)

We love it when our Malaysian youths soar high to achieve great success in order to not only make themselves proud, but the nation proud as well.

Not too long ago, 9-year-old schoolboy Zyson Kang has invented a gravity-defying toilet called ‘Spacesuit Lunar Toilet’ for astronauts in the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Now, a 13-year old girl from Sabah has managed to turn the heads of netizens and the Equestrian community in Malaysia by becoming the world’s youngest racehorse trainer.

(Source: Sabah Daily News)

Isabelle Lonjuing Sayeed, from Penampang Sabah, has received the recognition that she deserves from The Royal Sabah Turf Club (RSTC) due to the headstart of her Equestrian career at 13, beating the record of New Zealander Bailey Rogerson, who had started her professional career when she was 16.

Isabelle who happens to be the daughter of polo player Adil Ghulam, has started her riding journey ever since she was five-years-old at Glenora Stables in Kinarut, Sabah and now has been granted a license by The Director of Racing at RSTC, John Gorton.

( Source: Sabah Daily News)

The determined teenager is also an accomplished polo player according to the Sabah Polo Association and is currently the captain of El Venato Polo Team, which is Sabah’s first female polo team. She started off by taking lessons at the KL Academy of Polo with Peter Abisheganaden.

Her current mentor, Susan Douglas has also shown her the ropes of stable and horse management, and racehorse training when she was preparing to take the trainer’s test with RSTC.

(Source: Sabah Daily News)

“I am aware that it’s a difficult journey for me but I’m up for the challenge as I have the support of my family who’s always by my side,” she said in Sabah Daily News.

To pave the way to become a champion, Isabelle will be training U.S champion coach Bob Baffert in the country next summer.

This young prodigy really has a clear path ahead for her in her career. We hope she goes far with her achievements and keeps on striding!