Young M’sian Footballer, Luqman Hakim, Officially Announced As Belgium FC Kortrijk’s New Striker

source: NST

After hanging up his football jersey to become a delivery boy during the first few phases of MCO, the humble Luqman Hakim Shamsuddin is re-entering the field with a brand new Kortrijik emblem on his back.

Previously named by Guardian as one of the most promising young footballers in the world for 2019, it comes as no surprise that this talented striker has been scouted by many international football clubs. Today (14 August),  he has found a new home in Belgium’s Kortrijik football club.

The club announced him on their social media, proudly welcoming him into their family with the caption, “Welcome in Kortrijik, Luqman!”

The powerful striker previously scored all 4 goals in Malaysia’s match against Tajikistan, making the final score 4-0. He also scored a goal in Malaysia’s match against Thailand. With meticulous strategy and bountiful talent, Luqman’s skilful movements were the sole focus of football viewers everywhere.

When interviewed on his newfound journey to play for clubs overseas, Luqman was asked if he was intimidated by European players. He quipped with full confidence,

“About the players from overseas, I have a pair of legs and they too have a pair of legs. What should I be afraid of? I must have a strong spirit.”

He’s right. There is nothing that differentiates him from these players other than his nationality. Judging by the way he played his previous matches, his talent is paralleled to his European teammates and adversaries. Since he is only 18-years old, his skills will only blossom with age.

We wish Luqman all the best with his new endeavours!